2016 Crawfish Festival Basketball Tournament Rules and

General Information

This year, the tournament has been expanded into 4x4 half­-court tournament. Each team will be allowed a maximum of 7 players. The tournament has also been separated into twol eagues: an Open League and a Youth League. Every team must have at least one member from Vietnamese Martyrs Church youth. The Open League is open to anybody, but the Youth League will only be open to team consisting of players age 16 and under. The Open League will have a max of 12 teams and the Youth League will have a max of 8 teams. All teamswill require a team entry fee of 50 dollars.


I.                   RULES

These rules will apply to every game in both leagues except for the championship games of each league. The only difference in the championship game is that the game will be a 5­x­5 full­ court game.

A. Jewelry

• Players must remove ALL jewelry prior to participating. This includes, but not limited to: rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

B. Rosters

• The maximum players on each team will be 7. After registration, teams will NOT be allowed to add any more players under any conditions.


 A. Court

• All players shall remain in their designated team areas at all times.

• Any player or spectator in violation of this rule can receive a technical foul or be removed from court.

• Team captains are directly responsible for the conduct of their fans.

B. Substitutions

• Substitutions are allowed only in dead ball situations and all substitutes must enter at the designated scorer’s table.

C. Equipment

·         Players of opposing teams must wear contrasting colored jerseys; with numbers.

·         Jerseys will be provided for teams that do not have jerseys.

·         Athletic/ basketball shoes must be worn at all times during competition.

·         All equipment deemed unsafe by the game officials may not be worn. Failure to remove equipment deemed unsafe will prevent the individual from participation.


A.   Time Regulation

·          A game shall consist of two 12 ­minutes running halves.

·         The clock will run continuously for the first (10) minutes of both halves and the clock will stop during the last two (2) minutes of each half on every whistle.

(Note: If a team is ahead by 10 points or more during the final two (2) minutes, the clock will not stop but continue to run. If the lead falls back under 10 points the clock, then the clock will be stopped as listed above.

·         Each team is allowed two - 1­ minute time­outs per half, use it or lose.

·         Halftime shall be no longer than three (3) minutes in length.

·         Tie Games: In the case of tie games, a 3­minute overtime will be played. Clock shall stop on all whistles during overtime. In the case of a 3 meaning the first team to score will win the game. Teams will each receive one (1) timeout per overtime period and timeouts will NOT carry over from regulation to overtime or from overtime to overtime.

B. Players

·         An injured or apparently injured player who is discovered by an official while the ball is dead must be removed from the game and will only be eligible to return following the next dead ball.

·         A player who is bleeding, or has an open wound, or is deemed to have an excessive amount of blood on their uniform shall be considered an injured player. All bodily fluids must be removed from the player and/or uniform prior to returning to play.

 C. Game play

  • The team who gets the ball first at the start of games and overtime periods will be decided by a coin flip.
  • The team losing the coin flip will gain the possession arrow. Therefore, on all other jump­ball situation, the alternating possession will be used.
  •  Whenever a team makes a basket, the opposing teams gains possession of the ball. If a team takes possession of the ball with a defensive rebound or turnover, that team must take the ball back behind the three­-point line by passing or dribbling it before they can shoot the ball.
  •   A player taking the ball back behind the three-­point line must step behind the three-­point line with BOTH feet. In jump ball situations, alternate possession.
  • No offensive player may be in the lane for longer than 3 seconds. Teams violating this will be called for a 3­second violation and the opposing team will receive possession of the ball.


 A. Free throws

  • Free throws shall be awarded for fouls called while in the act of shooting or in bonus situations.
  • If the field goal is successful, then one (1) free throw will be awarded.  If the field goal is unsuccessful, then two (2) or three (3) free throws will be awarded.
  • Only six (6) players (excluding the shooter) shall be allowed in the lane on free throws.
  • All non­shooting fouls shall result in ball possession to the offended team, unless in the bonus.
  • NO PLAYER shall enter the lane or leave a marked lane space until the ball leaves the shooter’s hands.
  • Bonus Free Throws: Upon a team’s fifth 5th) foul in each half, a bonus free throw is awarded if the first free throw is successful. This is typically referred as a one plus one (1­ and­ 1). Upon a team’s seventh (7th) foul in each half, the bonus free throw is awarded whether or not the first free throw is successful. This is typically referred as the double bonus.

B. Fouls and Technical Fouls

 When a technical foul is administered, the following rules applied

·         The offended team will receive two (2) free throws and the possession of the ball at mid­court.

·         The technical foul will be counted as personal foul.

·         Should a team receive three (3) technical fouls during the course of a game, then the game will be declared over and the win shall be awarded to the opposing team. Any player receiving two (2) technical fouls during the course of the game will be ejected from the game. Any player receiving three (3) technical fouls during the tournament will be unable to participate in the rest of the tournament.

·         Flagrant ­foul penalized as technical foul and automatic ejection.

·         Unsportsmanlike Behavior ­- The following behaviors are examples of actions considered unsportsmanlike behavior and can result in a technical foul and/or immediate ejection from a contest.

o   Foul language

o   Insulting/threats directed at the officials, supervisors, or opposing players.

o   Participating in a fight (Automatic Ejection)

C. Foul Limit

All players will be allowed the maximum of five (5) personal fouls during the course of the game.


Point values as followed,

Free Throw = 1 point

Field Goal (inside the arc) = 2 points

Field Goal (outside the arc) = 3 points