Pokemon Go - Sat. 05/04/19

On Saturday April 14, 2018

Registration @ 10 AM
Game Start around 10:30 AM

Location: Vietnamese Martyrs Church
10610 Kingspoint Rd, Houston, Texas 77075
Room: 107

First and Second place $10-$50 Gift Card + Medals

*Gift card prizes depend on number of participants

Entry Fee: $5.00

Quick Rules
- Complete the most assigned "Field Research" from tournament start time until 1PM to win.
- In case of a tie, the most catched shiny Pokémon during the tournament win. If no one got a shiny Pokémon then the highest catch CP Pokémon during the tournament win.
- All Field Research need to be deleted/trashed before tournament start. 

Tournament Itinerary

10AM            Registration
10:30AM       Start
12:30PM       Heading back to the tournament
1PM              Tournament end and check in your total “Field Research”
1:30 PM        Announce the winner

Safety Tips

1)    Do Not play Pokémon Go while driving (don’t wander into traffic while in pursuit of Pokémon).
2)    Be respectful of where you’re playing (Be aware of those around you who are using the parks for running, walking, biking, or other physical activities).
3)    Do not trespass while playing Pokémon Go
4)    Avoid suspicious locations